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Quality at first priority

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The market is demanding more and more from a tannery – flexible processing volumes – the fastest possible reaction time – and the highest quality. Demands that can only be met by those who are able to master the balance of quality and quantity. And we are particularly good at this. Thanks to our decades of experience, innovative production technologies and comprehensive quality management.

We are just as efficient in all quality questions. This is guaranteed on the one hand by our experience with the material leather and on the other by our certified quality management DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. This standard includes all phases of the process: from careful examination of all customer materials delivered, analytical control of any additional incoming material used, the activities of our professional team developing the basis for precisely implementing each customers’ requirements, high quality production and delivery of the goods ordered. A perfect data system provides our customers with detailed information about hide and leather. Participation in round robin tests with accredited laboratories ensures the analytical accuracy of our laboratory.

Only first class chemicals and additives from certified suppliers are being used in our company.