Trend-setting and comprehensive

Leather is a valuable natural product. Acquired from sustainable raw materials. We spend a good deal of time discussing the environmental aspects of leather production and this has led us to develop an environmental concept that is unique.

For SÜDLEDER, protecting the environment means in the first place paying particular attention to:             

  • economical and ecological use of global resources             
  • professional re-use or disposal of all specific by-products             
  • use of renewable energies             
  • reduction of CO2

SÜDLEDER provides the solution for the disposal of wastes resulting from the process of turning raw hides into crust.

We also want to set a sign for the demand of protecting the environment, in particular in third countries, because air and water are global common property and do not recognise borders.

And what perhaps appears to be far away today will be knocking on our door tomorrow.

SÜDLEDER is investing a great deal to secure Germany as a location for leather processing. We are working on trend-setting technologies for production, application and waste disposal, not just internally but also in various research projects.