Innovation & Environment

We are meeting the challenges of the coming years with an innovative energy concept.


Sustainable action and investment in the future

Leather is a natural product. It combines beneficial material properties such as durability, stability and breathability with a uniquely beautiful look. Excellent product quality has always been a given for us. Moreover, we strive to minimize the impact on the environment where our CO2 footprint, water consumption and emissions are concerned.

Pioneering and comprehensive

We have been working with high expectations for centuries to find efficient solutions for disposal problems in areas from raw materials to crust leather. The recovery of bioenergy (power and heat) from by-products which occur in leather production is at the heart of our efforts. Thanks to extensive investment, we have succeeded in developing a unique environmental protection program in the industry, which harmoniously combines the economic and ecological aspects of our actions.


Process water treatment

"Let's sort this out ourselves!"
Is what we said regarding our sewage water.

We have operated our own ProzessWasseraufbereitungsAnlage (process water treatment plant) (PWA) since 1986. This enables us to direct water which has been chemically/physically treated for complete biological treatment in the Hof/Saale sewage treatment plant. This pre-cleaning removes over 99% of contaminants and up to 90% of pollutant load from the water. This type of pretreatment is characterized by its extreme flexibility, even with significant fluctuations in the amount and quality of sewage water.


Following funding approval from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), construction on the facility began in 2012. It was officially commissioned in 12.06.2013.


Bioenergy system

We focus on sustainable leather processing which is continually developed and optimized, so as to protect the environment for future generations. An innovative approach helps us to master the challenges of today, tomorrow and the coming years. This includes:

  • economical and careful treatment of resources
  • environmentally-compatible production processes
  • sensible recycling of all resulting by-products
  • internal company water treatment
  • the creation of all required energy from left-over materials (energy self-sufficient)
  • a significant CO2reduction


Quality comes first

Increasingly, the market is demanding that tanneries offer: flexible processing volumes, fast reaction times and the highest quality. Requirements which can only be satisfied by mastering the balancing act between quantity and quality. And that’s something we are particularly good at. Thanks to our decades of experience, innovative production techniques and comprehensive quality management.

We are equally as effective where quality is concerned. This is guaranteed by our experience with leather and also certified quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. It includes all work stages: From the careful checking of materials supplied by customers and the analytical incoming goods check of the tools used, to the work of the expert team, which develops the foundations for the precise implementation of the customer requirements, down to the quality production and delivery of the ordered materials. Our data system guarantees the provision of all the detailed information about the skin and leather for our customers.

Participation in round robin tests with accredited laboratories ensures the analytical precision of our laboratories.

We only use first-class, tested chemicals and tools from certified suppliers.


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